President – Muriel Nanninga

Both Muriel and her husband Garrett were born and raised in Whittier, CA. In 2000 they decided to leave California and head East, finally deciding on Virginia.  “We just decided to try the East Coast.”  Having spent nearly twenty years with several community bands in Southern CA, it was a given that she would look for a new community band on the East Coast. To her great pleasure, she found the Prince William Community Band soon after settling down in Nokesville.  During the day Muriel is an electrical engineer with one of the major Aerospace companies, but on Monday nights she gets to indulge in her passion for music.  Muriel enjoys playing the entire flute family (piccolo, alto, bass, fife, pennywhistle, etc).  She and her husband Garrett (a devoted band groupie) live in the Rural Crescent of Western Prince William County with their quarter horse mare Dutch.   In addition to music, Muriel also enjoys gardening, knitting, cooking and sometimes “mucking”. (For non-horse people that means cleaning up after the horse.)